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Welcome to the
Filipino Communities Council of Australia Incorporated

Join us in fostering unity, celebrating diversity, and strengthening bonds among Filipinos and the Australian community. Let's connect, empower, and thrive together!

Creating a Community that feels like home

Welcome to the Filipino Communities Council of Australia Inc. (FILCCA). Whether you are joining us from the heart of Australia or the beautiful islands of the Philippines, we are thrilled to have you here. Our mission is to foster unity and celebrate Filipino culture. Together, let us create a vibrant, inclusive community!

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About us

Established in 1990, the Filipino Communities Council of Australia Inc (FILCCA) stands as the oldest existing umbrella organization outside the Philippines. FILCCA serves as a unifying force for Filipino-Australians and Filipinos residing in Australia, working towards the promotion and advancement of their welfare and interests.

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Explore our Events page, a vibrant hub showcasing diverse community events across Australia. From cultural festivals to networking meetups, there's something for everyone. Join us in celebrating our Filipino heritage through these exciting events.

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Stay updated with our News section, your source for the latest happenings in our communities across Australia. From community achievements to upcoming events, we bring you stories that matter. Stay informed, and stay connected with us.

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Join us in our commitment to develop our communities

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