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FILCCA Charter

FILCCA is committed to the Filipino Community in Australia and advocating for
their needs and rights. The Charter outlines the fundamental principles upon which
the Filipino Communities Council of Australia Inc. (FILCCA) should operate in the
representation of the Filipino Australian community.

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We are committed to responding to the needs of the community regardless of gender,
sexual preference, race, religion, political belief, socio-economic status or disability.

Lawyer and Client


FILCCA is committed to advocating for policy change and raising awareness of issues
of concern for the benefit of the Filipinos in Australia.

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Business Meeting


FILCCA is committed to ensuring constituent members are consulted in the decision-
making process on issues that may affect them.

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Participation and Contribution

FILCCA aims to ensure that constituents' interests are represented in making and implementing FILCCA initiatives. FILCCA is committed to raising awareness of the achievements and contributions of Filipinos in Australia.

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FILCCA is committed to initiating and developing projects and activities that will be appropriate and relevant to respond to the needs of the Filipino communities in
Australia and overseas.

Sustainability of the
Filipino Culture

FILCCA is committed to promoting the continuance of Filipino culture and language.

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FILCCA is committed to responding to all grievances and ensures you will receive fair
consideration of complaints and grievances regarding FILCCA operations.

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