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Cielo Franklin

Cielo Franklin

Public relation Officer

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics majored in Computer Science, University of Santo Tomas, Manila Philippines
Roles & memberships:
UST Alumni Australia VP WA
FCCWA President
Kababaihang Maka-Rizal President
Past President of Philippine Educational Theatre Artists of WA
Past Vice President of Filipino Australian Multicultural Association Inc.
2021 FILCCA Leadership award
2021 FCCWA Distinguished Service award; Organisation Leader award
2018 FILCCA Presidential Recognition Award
2018 PETAWA Plaque of Appreciation
2016 FILCCA Certificate of Recognition
2016 PETAWA Certificate of Recognition
Computer programmer for 18 years
Other Skills & Interests:
Can speak, read and write Japanese, writing news articles, interviewing community members
Current Job / Business:
Administrative officer
Tagalog School of Perth Founder and Teacher

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