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Rachel Bernabe

Rachel Bernabe

VP - Youth Affairs

Bachelor of Communication and Bachelor of Event and Tourism Management.

Roles & memberships:
Been actively involved in Filipino community groups in the ACT since the age of four. Starting off in participating in folk dancing, I have extended my involvement to assisting with committees, organising events and I also have been quite involved with various charities and fundraising.

Committee Member of ACT Filipino Australian Social & Cultural Association (ACTFA-SCA) and Supporter of Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP).

ACT Youth Achiever 2018 presented by FILCCA in Perth.

Experience and Skills:
I am a young communications professional with plenty of drive and enthusiasm for anything I choose to partake in. My skills and experience primary lie within the field of communications. I enjoy engaging with different people and communicating on all kinds of platforms.

Fun Fact:
I enjoy re-watching all seasons of the tv show,Brookly Nine-Nine.

Current Job / Business:
Public Servant, ACT Government

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